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Markup rate feature

This allows travelagents to add their own markup to the prices displayed on the platform,allowing them to earn a commission on every booking made.

Hotel extras

Bedbank Plus allows travel agents to add extra services, such as meals or room upgrades, to hotel bookings, providing a more tailored experience for their clients.

Adding tours

Travel agents can easily add tours to their clients' itineraries, offering a more comprehensive travel experience and generating additional revenue.

Payment processing

Bedbank Plus offers secure and easy payment processing, allowing travel agents to collect payments from their clients directly through the     platform.

Real-time availability

The platform providesreal-time availability for hotels, tours, and transfers, allowing travel agentsto quickly and easily check availability and make bookings.

Streamlined booking process

Bedbank Plus has asimple and intuitive booking process that makes it easy for travel agents toquickly make reservations for their clients, reducing the amount of time spenton administrative tasks.



Bedbank Plus simplifies and streamlines the booking process, saving travel agents time and allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Increases efficiency

Providing all necessary features and tools in one place.

Increased revenue

The platform's markup rate feature and the ability to add extras such as meals or room upgrades allow travel agents to generate more revenue on each booking.

Minimize Operational Cost

Reduces operational costs by eliminating the need to manage multiple systems or platforms.


The platform is accessible 24/7, allowing travel agents to make bookings and manage their business at any time.


Bedbank Plus allows travel agents to customize the booking process with their own branding, making it easier to establish their business identity and build brand awareness.
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